Trust The Process

by Union Front

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released February 3, 2019


all rights reserved



Union Front Los Angeles, California

Miklo: vocals
Erick: bass
Angel: guitar
Sergio: guitar
Miguel: drums

Pico Union

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Track Name: In2Deep
I'm stuck in the motion
Is it good or bad
Do I really need it
This shit makes me sad
I've been around for too long
Now Im in too deep
You know me so well
I can't believe you did this to me

In too deep
This won't get the best of me

If you won't let me be
Then you're going down with me
Track Name: Fate
You mindless bigot
Always treated like a piece of shit
Gotta say I've had enough of it
With all the lies that you preach and spit
Can you even find truth in it
I'm sick and tired of all your lies
Truly becoming the one I despise
Too blind to see your own hypocrisy
One day you'll pay for what you've done to me

I can't even wait
Times have changed
Acting like the ones you hate
What will come of your fate?

Outcasted and rejected
Out of sight out of mind
I feel neglected
But what's expected
From the infected
All that phony love
Just fabricated
Track Name: RTH
Is there any way
You can save me from me
'Cause I'm standing real close to the edge

I've been spending nights
With insomnia and fights
Inside of my own head

Can you help me?
Do you care?
Who you talking to?
No one's there.

I am trying to find
A way to clear the negatives inside of my mind
But time is never on my side
And I'm losing all hope in love and life

Can't you see how it's eating me?
Track Name: STP
Have the right to bear arms
But what does that mean?
That you can draw on anything
That you disagree?

With no intelligence
Up in your head
Your definition of truth
Is misinterpreted

What's it going to take
To make you realize
That it's all just a compromise

Open your blind eyes
Wake up and see
It was all a mistake
Why didn't I think
Track Name: Exile
Is it hard to believe
They never knew me at all
All the struggle and pain
It was never my fault

But yet I'm guilty
That's how they treat me

Is it arduous to see
That I got disease
And I can't find a cure
Because it doesn't exist
I let it take me

But who are you to say
Who or what I should be
Another face from the past
That's all you'll ever be (that's my reality)
Track Name: Vicissitude
You ever think about what is perfect
If it is worth it
Or if you deserve it
Got to be more to life
Than being a slave for economy's main source
I feel it straight to the core
Always stepping a bit over the line
But feeling one step behind
It drives me out of my mind
Over the line one step behind
Out of my mind nothing is fine

Too many times
I've have failed yet again
With all respect
Heres the fuck you instead
Don't judge me for
The shit I mislead
I'm better off being left for dead

'Cause been facing demons in myself
I'm done talking, it never helps

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